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A vertical or horizontal separator used mainly
to remove any free water that can cause problems such as corrosion and
formation of hydrates or tight emulsions, which are difficult to break.
A free-water
knockout is often called a three-phase separator because it can separate gas,
oil and free water. The liquids that are discharged from the free-water knockout
are further treated in vessels called treaters

Three/Two phase Test Separator is a pressurized vessel designed
to efficiently separate well effluent into oil,
gas and water to enable to measure effluent components.individually and take

pressurized oil and gas samples.Three-Phase Test Separator is a self-contained modular unit containing the valves and pneumatic controllers

needed to regulate the vessel pressure and
fluid levels.

Three Phase Test Separator 

  • ​​Drill-stem testing
  • Well cleanups
  • Production/well testing
  • Early-production facility
  • Fitted with deflector plate, coalescing plates, foam and vortex breaker, weir plate, and mist extractor to ensure efficient separation Nuflo Turbine flow-meter and Daniel Senior Orifice Fitting are utilized to ensure accurate measurement preset safety relief valves and rupture disc assembly are utilized to protect against over pressure.
  • The skid and lifting system is designed according to ISO and DNV 2.7-3 Conforms to all industry standards related to vessel, piping, valves and service.

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