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Choke Manifold :

Choke Manifold consists of four manual valves (five if a bypass valve is included) and is used to control the flow rate and reduce well pressure before the flow enters the processing equipment. The CMF also includes an adjustable choke, a positive choke, and several pressure or sampling ports to monitor pressure or fluid characteristics. The CMF design allows the well to flow, through positive chokes for flow rate reference as well as adjustable chokes. Dual flow paths allow fast choke changes without interrupting the flow .

  • ​​Surface testing
  • Cleanup after drilling or work over operations
  • Flowback after stimulation or workover operations
  • Reduce effulent pressure before entering process equipment
  • Fast choke changes without interrupting the flow
  • Control flow with a calibrated orifice for flow rate reference 
  • Two flow paths, one through a positive choke,and one through an adjustable choke that can beconverted to a positive choke 

Features :